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February 26, 2021

Terrors in the Mist – Battlelore Expansion

Last time I visited Firestorm I was wandering around and came across one of the Expansions for Battlelore so I decided it must be fate and I brought it.

the Expansion is ‘Terrors in the Mist’ and it introduces a new faction into the game, The Undead

So what do you get for your £29.69, well first up everything comes in the usual Fantasy Flight Games plastic box, which is impossible to open without power tools


once in you find this lot


First up you get a leaflet showing the contents and some new hexes and counters

the leaflets includes all the rules and explanations of the lore cards and units in the army


next we have 6 new faction specific scenario cards plus hidden deployment cards


then the Lore deck plus unit and army cards


and then finally the figures, there are 37 in this set which include

  • Reanimates which are the core Infantry of the Undead forces.
  • Bone Horrors which are animated piles of bones
  • Necromancers a magic-wielding Caster unit
  • Barghests are large, black, canine ghouls
  • and finally the monster unit a Banshee


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info heading

info content

so all in all its another great product for battlelore and well worth taking a look at


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