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February 26, 2021

The End of an Era

This week saw the ending of a chapter in my wargaming life when I received my copy of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 402.

Issue 402 is the last one to be edited by that bastion of the UK wargaming scene Mr Henry Hyde and I have to admit to being very sad about it as MWwBG has always seemed to be there and now it’s going to change.

I still remember picking up issue one of Battlegames in March 2006 and I just found it an easy read with lots of interesting articles, I started a subscription that has continued to this date. Battlegames amalgamated with Miniature Wargames a few years ago and this new magazine went from strength to strength and it’s still the only Wargames Magazine that I subscribe to.

Earlier today I picked up my copy of Battlegames issue 1 and took this photo which just sums up things for me


I think its fair to say that my continued support was down to the way Henry ran the magazine and the different types of articles he included in it. I was very proud to have an article of my own included a few years ago and again earlier this year I took over the Forward Observer column for 1 month to help out when my best mate Neil stood down. I’ve met Henry a few times and we chat via Twitter occasionally, he is always happy to spare some time to answer questions and I class him as a friend who I have nothing but respect for.

It seems Warners (the new owners of MWwBG) want to take the magazine in a new direction and Henry has decided to step down from his role (have a listen to Episode 178 of Meeples and Miniatures if you want the full story) and now the magazine is going to continue as just Miniature Wargames under its new editor John Treadaway.

I’m not sure on how this will work out myself as to be honest I always found Johns articles in MWwBG a bit weak and were often the ones I’d read last (if at all). Whilst the column was meant to be about sci-fi and fantasy wargaming they just seemed to be reviews of various models that John had received that month and I saw the whole column as bit of a missed opportunity. Ah well maybe the new 16 page sci-fi and fantasy section that’s coming in issue 403 will address that.

Will I continue to get the magazine? Well I’m not sure, I think I’ll see what the new edition is like and then I’ll decide.

Either way I just wanted to thank Henry for everything he’s done so far for the hobby and I know his new venture at Gladius Publications will be the huge success that it deserves to be


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