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June 22, 2021

Painting Progress – Mk III Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd

I’ve finally managed to finish off my Mk III Pat Wagon for Judge Dredd, I got this via the Judge Dredd Kickstarter that Mongoose Publishing ran in 2012 and it finally arrived last year.

I know that the uniform of Judge Dredd should be black but I remember the blue uniforms for the old comics (they used blue as a highlight to black) and for me Judges uniforms and vehicles should have a blue hue to them, so I decided to go with my boyhood memories.

the model was easy to assemble and the pist job was also fairly simple, but as its a big heavy miniature it took a while to finish off, but here are some pictures of the finished model

dsc01226 dsc01227 dsc01228 dsc01229

and finally here’s the money shot of the Pat Wagon,dsc01231 the Banshee and a Judge for scale



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