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May 13, 2021

Command & Colors: Napoleonics

In July ago I played my very first game of C&C: Napoleonic’s that was put on by my good mate Mark (see here) and its fair to say I was hooked, so hooked that I went straight out and brought the Ancients games and then some expansions, plus Battlelore.

Pretty much overnight I became a fan-boy of C&C

But I had a problem in so much that I really wanted the Napoleonic game but it was out of print and prices on eBay were just stupid.

Then I noticed that GMT games (the company who produce C&C) had the Napoleonic game in there P500 club so I could pre-order it. The idea of P500 is to get people to pre-order a game and they only get charged once the game goes into production, which is normally once they get 500 orders (hence the name)

the game had 70 odd backers so I thought it would take a while to get to 500, but it was worth doing and I duly signed up for it. about a week later I had an email telling me the game had gone into production and my card had been charged and I should expect the game in October. That was quick I thought but hey it meant I would finally get hold of my own copy of C&C Napoleonics so it was all good.

Well today the game arrived and I’ve decided to do a quick unboxing

so lets start at the top and here’s the 3rd edition box


once its open you find the rule book and scenarios

dsc01238 dsc01239

below that the playsheets, a list of the cards and terrain notes (2 of each)

dsc01240 dsc01241 dsc01242

then the cardstock which is the same quality as the Ancient game and the square markers (used in the game to denote units that are in square)


and as expected the board, a card deck and some dice dsc01246 dsc01247

and finally 5 sheets of stickers and all the blocks in the world

dsc01249 dsc01243

I can see me being busy getting these stickered up and it does mean I’ll have to work out how to store the blocks once they are done. but thats a problem for tomorrow. now I’m going to read the rules

see you later


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