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April 22, 2021

Conan – Part 1 – King Pledge

about 2 years ago I noticed a thread on Lead Adventure about a new board game called Conan and the designers were showing off pictures of the miniatures they wanted to include in the game, well I was hooked and when the Kickstarter started I was in. I did go a little mad on the KS and got pretty much everything other then the Dragon (didn’t like the design) and one of the expansions (thought 2 was enough)

well today after a nearly 2 year wait, wave 1 of the pledge arrived and it arrived with a thump

this is the box that I had delivered today


I thought it would be mostly packaging but on opening it I found this


it was full, very very full. so I unpacked it and checked the contents and this is what I had


there is a lot of stuff, an awful lot.

so I thought today I would do a quick post showing you what you get in one of those boxes and I think its only right that I start with the core game


This is the King Pledge which is the retail game plus a load of extras and its fair to say its a big box and very heavy, so once its open we see this


and working down from the top we have

The Rule books – apparently these are being rewritten as they are not very user friendly , especially for players who are new to the game


The Heroes cards – each Hero in the game has his or her own card which is used in the game to track wounds etc, the normal retail game has 4 heroes the king pledge has 8


Player aids – the game uses icons to show what abilities each mini has and these cards list them all, again I’ve heard there some issues with these and Monolith are producing new ones soon


Other stuff – it wouldn’t be a game without some cards, funky dice and gems to track fatigue etc, and Conan has lots of thesedsc01261 dsc01260

Card Stock – again every game has card stock for counters markers stats etc and once again Conan doesn’t skimp on these


Boards – Conan has 2 double sided boards included and they are big, the ones in the picture below are before they are folded out so thats a quarter sized


Monsters – the King Pledge comes with 2 Monsters and a lion for King Conan to pet when he’s bored, actually the Lion is probably the worst figure in the game but its still pretty good

dsc01265 dsc01266 dsc01268 dsc01269 dsc01270

That just leaves this box of goodies


inside this is:-

Overlords Board – this is used by the player who plays the Overlord and it really good quality


Unit markers – as units are activated separately the game comes with these handle little markers to slip around the bases to show the different units, these I think will be really handy in all sorts of games


The Miniatures – OK I let the best till last, these are all the miniatures you get in the King pledge, there are fooking loads of them

dsc01274 dsc01275

the hero figures have come in for a lot of criticism on the web around lack of detail, but I think its down to the light grey plastic they are made from, but what I’ll do is post up some pictures with them painted or maybe just given an undercoat and a wash and you can see for yourself the detail thats hidden away. I did take a few pictures of the 2 Conan models to get an idea of them, remember these are straight out of the box.

dsc01277 dsc01279

over the next day or so I’ll continue to open my pile of boxes and will blog about them as I go on



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