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May 13, 2021

Conan – Part 2 – The Stretch Goals

Following on from yesterdays post where I unpacked the Kings pledge of Conan, today I’m opening the other big box I got which contains all the stretch goals.

so yes dear reader if you did the Conan Kickstarter this box contains all the free stuff they gave you.

First up here’s the box before its opened, like the main game its a big box


up on opening we find its packed to the rim with goodies


first up we have the scenario book, there are 4 new scenarios in this box and they come in French and English


Then the character cards, in the king pledge box we had 8 characters to use, now we have 17 more. these characters also include some of the villains from the other box which means you can swap the game around and have the players take on the role of villains whilst the overlord uses the heroes, I think this is a lovely touch and adds a lot of options once people start designing there own scenarios.


next up we have a nice map of Hyboria, which might go on the wall of my study (don’t tell the wife)


then more dice, spell cards, equipment cards and a dice bag. the cards come in French and English once again


more card stock of all the new characters in this box


and finally a new double sided board, so that’s 3 boards in total or 6 maps to play on


Sorry did I say finally? well that was a mistake as we also get a new monster Thaug which is a Kraken style monster with tentacles and stuff


and of course another big box of figures


which contains lots and lots of new toys, included in this are all the new Heroes, some new villains and minions plus furniture and of course a camel for Conan to punch

dsc01292 dsc01293


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