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May 13, 2021

Conan – Part 3 – The First Add-ons

As I’m in full on Conan mode I think it’s time to look at the Add-on figures I picked up in the pledge, and I got a few of these so I’ll split this into 2 separate blog posts

First up lets open up the 3 Guest boxes, the idea around these boxes was to get some of the artists who have painted illustrations for Conan to design some figures and then Monolith had figures made from those designs and created the cards to allow them to be used in the game.

And let’s start with the mighty Brom, who has drawn a new Conan miniature together with Belit; the Queen of the Black Coast.

This box comes with 2 miniatures, 6 new equipment cards and 2 hero cards. The figures are very slight but each has lovely detail. I have to admit to being a fan of Broms work and the thin and wiry detail of Conans physique just works so well

dsc01324 dsc01326 dsc01328

Next we have Xavier Collette who has designed the same characters but this time we have an older Conan, when he was the King of Aquilonia. We also have another design for Belit, this time as Belit the Princess. I think that means I have 8 different Conans now plus 4 Belits, well you can never have 2 many I say. Again the miniatures are one the slight size when compared to other in the game but are good sculpts all the same.

The box contains the 2 models and the Hero cards for use in the game


dsc01320 dsc01319

The third and final guest box is by  Paolo Parente and contains 2 female models Valeria & Salome/Taramis

Salome is from ‘A Witch Shall be Born’ and she is the twin sister to Queen Taramis and its fair to say she’s not a very nice lady, in this set we also have a second model of Valeria From ‘Red Nails’. As we would expect the sculpts are lovely although I think they missed a trick here by not providing 2 models of Salome/Taramis as the box comes with Overlord cards for Salome and a hero card for Taramis, but as you only have one figure you can’t use them both in the same game (well unless Monolith come up with an interesting mechanic where both players use the same figure.) The box also come with a hero card for Valeria so you have 2 options for using her in games.

dsc01313 dsc01316 dsc01317

Moving on its time to look at some of the Add-on boxes and lets start with my favourite one the Kushite Witch-Hunters these come from a short story in the ‘Hyborian Age’ book and box comes with 4 beautiful sculpts and ability cards for each figure. These are some of my favourite sculpts in the whole range and I’m so looking forward to painting these

dsc01334 dsc01335 dsc01336 dsc01337 dsc01338 dsc01339 dsc01340 dsc01341 dsc01342

Next are the Black Ones, these are supernatural beings from the short story ‘Pool of the Black Ones’ the box comes with 10 figures + 3 ability tiles

dsc01330 dsc01331

In Box number 6 we have Baal Pteor from ‘Shadows in Zambuola’ and we have 1 figure + 3 ability tiles, instead of the regular 2. I have to say I’m not sure of the anatomy of this figure it’s a bit over the top and looks like a muscle man with a serious steroid abuse problem, but maybe that’s the point

dsc01332 dsc01333

Finally, in this section we have Vanir Valkyrie the Raven haired adventuress, this box comes with a hero card and an ability card so she can be used on either side in a game. As this is a proxy Red Sonja figure it doesn’t appear in any of Howards books, although its said that this character was based on female pirate from one of the short stories. Either way I have to say this is not my favourite model in the range, the detail is very soft and I just don’t like the pose, it’s a shame but I can live with 1 miss considering all the nice figures we do get in this game

dsc01344 dsc01345 dsc01347


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