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May 13, 2021

Conan – Part 4 – The Rest of the Add-ons

It’s time for part 4 of my deep dice into my Conan pledge (well wave 1 of it) and its time to continue looking at the add-on boxes I got, so without further ado here are the other 6

First up are the Giant Wolves, these appeared in various Conan stories but noticeably in ‘The Hour of the Dragon‘

The box contains 10 figures and 3 ability cards, and they are pretty nice sculpts, maybe they’re a little dog like but I like them and think they will be useful in other games

dsc01353 dsc01354 dsc01355

Next we have the Crossbowmen again from ‘The Hour of the Dragon’ this also has 10 figures and 3 ability cards. I really like these models, they are well detailed and great quality over all

dsc01359 dsc01358


Then we have Black Dragons these warriors were commanded by Pallantides and were the elite imperial troops in ‘The Phoenix on the Sword’ so there is a chance these could act as allies in the game. As we’ve come to expect they are lovely sculpts and really useful in lots of games. The box comes with 5 figures and 1 ability card

dsc01360 dsc01361 dsc01362 dsc01363

Moving on now we get to the larger add-ons and first up is the Demon of the Earth from ‘Beyond the Black River‘ and it’s a bit of a whopper, for me this is another great figure, I like the pose and the sculpting style of this big beast, the box contains 1 figure and 2 ability cards

dsc01367 dsc01366 dsc01365 dsc01364

Staying with monsters that appeared in ‘Beyond the Black River’ we also have the Sabertooth Tiger, I’m not sure about this miniature, it’s a bit flat if I’m being honest and I think the face could have been better defined. Like the last box this one has 1 figure and 2 ability cards

dsc01369 dsc01370 dsc01371 dsc01372

Finally, we get to the biggest creature that I brought from the Kickstarter with Yogah of Yag the god/alien from ‘The Tower of the Elephant’ this is a mighty mighty figure and can be used as a hero in the game. The miniature has some great detail on it and I know I’m going to enjoy painting up this bad boy, the box comes with 1 figure and 1 hero card

dsc01377 dsc01375 dsc01374 dsc01373

So that completes my tour around the various add-ons, as you can see I brought pretty much everything and overall I really like the quality of the figures, I’ll be honest some of them are little slim but that not a huge issue to be honest.

Next week I’ll probably start painting some the minis in the base box and will show before and after pictures as I progress


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