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May 13, 2021

Whats on the Paint Desk

I somehow managed to miss last weeks post of this feature so this week I’ve decided to post it on the correct day and not on Tuesday

So Whats on the Paint Desk I hear you ask, well today we have:-

  1. a Crooked Dice miniature given to me by my mate Steve that I’m planning to use in an RPG we are running
  2. Conan – yes I’ve decided to start on the figures I got in the KS and obviously we have to start with the man himself
  3. Shevatas – another miniature from the range
  4. Hadrathus – the third hero from the game


also lurking in the background is the now finished Spartan miniature I got in the Conan Kickstarter that I painted up just to test out a primer



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