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February 24, 2021

Painting Progress – Bêlit

Bêlit was a character that appeared in Queen of the Black Coast, she is probably Conans first love and returned from the dead to protect Conan at the end of the story

#SpoilerAlert – sorry but she dies in the end

anyway this iconic character is described in the story as not wearing very much (except jewelry) but has ivory skin

She turned toward Conan, her bosom heaving, her eyes flashing. Fierce fingers of wonder caught at his heart. She was slender, yet formed like a goddess: at once lithe and voluptuous. Her only garment was a broad silken girdle. Her white ivory limbs and the ivory globes of her breasts drove a beat of fierce passion through the Cimmerian’s pulse, even in the panting fury of battle. Her rich black hair, black as a Stygian night, fell in rippling burnished clusters down her supple back. Her dark eyes burned on the Cimmerian.

there are actually 4 models of Bêlit in the game and this is the basic version

first up here is the model before I primed it

dsc01397 dsc01398

and here’s the final version

dsc01453 dsc01454 dsc01455

I’ll be honest here, I really don’t like painting lots of flesh, especially female flesh and I cant get the tones right, but this one has worked out OK so I’m pleased with

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