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February 26, 2021

Conan – Hunting the Tigress Scenario

Last night myself and good chum Steve got together to play another game of Conan.

we decided to play the Hunting the Tigress senario as it would allow me to use my newly painted figures, plus it uses the boat map with is my favourite one in the set

this is the setup for the game and the scenario can be downloaded from the Monolith site here


Steve played the Overload whilst I had the 3 heroes.

Here’s the table set up for battle


and some pics of the painted minis

img_20161117_165737 img_20161117_165755

the game started with Conan rushing forward to dispatch 4 pirates whilst Shevatas went searching through treasure chests and found an explosive orb and a healing potion. Belit meanwhile ordered her guards forward to attack the other pirates whilst she hid in the stairwell (we decided that the stairs were a LOS block unless the archers were on a raised deck)

2016-11-17-17-43-30 2016-11-17-17-56-11

after clearing off the pirates it was Steve’s turn and he played the event card to bring back 6 of the pirates I’d just killed off, and then started peppering me with arrows (which I laughed off)


Seeing a large mass of pirates appear Shevatas decided it would be a good idea to chuck his explosive orb in their general direction – which basically removed another 6 pirates from the game.

Conan went on the offensive and together with the remaining members of Belits guards, they all jumped over the deck and attacked the other ship

it was at this point I forgot to take pictures, but basically Conan attacked Zaporavo, the guards attacked the archers and Steve sent his remaining pack of pirates over to the Tigress to attack Belit who was only defended by Shevatas.

with Conan locked in combat with Zaporavo, Belit and Shevatas dispatached the remaining pirates allowing Shevatas to leap across to the other ship and join in the fun.

it was at this point that Steve sacrificed Skuthus and turned him into a Great Dark Demon.


with Conan low on energy the only tactic was to try and stop the winged beast from taking off and attacking the now completely alone Belit. so Conan and the guards charged the demon; the guards couldn’t hurt it but they could slow it down whilst Conan used his last gems to move into the area and take a huge swing with his trusty sword.

and completely fail


which allowed the demon to fly over to the other ship and attack Belit

in the end Belit was able to wound the demon whilst Shevatas (who had found a crossbow on the ship) finished him off with a shot to the back of the head.

it was a victory to the heroes………………………..

it was another fine game of Conan, we did have a discussion about firing through friends and enemy units to hit targets behind and we didn’t allow it, but from looking around the forums it seems that people count figures in the way as hindering the attack which rather neatly removes the idea of sniper shots with archers.

also we decided that as Skuthus had changed into the demon this counted as him for victory so we didn’t finish the game when he sacrificed himself




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