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May 8, 2021

Painting Progress – Khosatral Khel

This is one of those models that I’ve wanted to paint up since I saw it appear in the Kickstarter, as its one of my favourite monsters in the whole Conan series.

I talk of course of Khosatral Khel

Khosatral Khel appeared in the 1934 story “The Devil in Iron” and is a Demon with skin the colour of iron. I wanted to do something different with this model and try and show the skin as part metal, I also wanted to keep away from normal skin tones and really emphasise that this is not a natural creature.

so before the big reveal here is the model in pure plastic form

dsc01456 dsc01457

and here is the finished model, if you look carefully you’ll see the transition of dark flesh to metal on the arms and legs

dsc01486 dsc01487 dsc01488 dsc01489


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