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May 8, 2021

Painting Progress – Skuthus

After a short break whilst I based up some 28mm Napoleonic figures (see future post) I’m back to painting my Conan miniatures and today its the Skuthus miniature

Now normally at this point I would give some information on the story that this miniature appeared in but I cant do that because Skuthus doesn’t actually appear in any story, because Howard didn’t actually name any of the necromancers. This was a problem for the Monolith team but this snippet of information that I’ve found on BoardgameGeek might help to explain how they overcame the lack of a name.

This was shared by Patrice Louinet the world renowned expert on the Conan Mythos and describes a conversation he had with Leo from the Monolith team :

Who the heck is Skuthus, you ask… Well, no one is able to answer that answer from reading the books. Because he never appeared in any. Yet he exists. Let me explain :
Leo : Hi Patrice, I need a necromancer.
Patrice : No worries, just use one.
Leo : Well, there IS an issue. He needs a name.
Patrice: Sorry Leo, but that’s a “No”. None with a name. Some necromancers are mentioned, but nothing more than this. So, no, there won’t be a named necromancer in your game.
Leo : Ooookay… Patrice, buddy… you know I still have that photo? You know, the one on which you…
Patrice : Hold on! Hold on! I might have a way out of this for both of us. No need to take that road… let me check some of Howard’s *drafts* for his stories…. Aaaah, theeeere we aaaare!

And This is how I came up with it. Skuthus is a name mentioned in the very first draft of “The hour of the Dragon”. That name has never been seen before, because the only people aware of it are (in that order) Howard himself, Glenn Lord (former agent of Howard’s heirs), and myself. Those are the only people who’ve had access to these texts.
When we tell you we want to stick to Howard’s universe, that’s not something we pretend. Many ideas have been reworked, refused or what not because of me, that’s what I was hired for.
PS : Leo, about those pics….

so now we know more about Skuthus here’s the miniature before painting

and afterwards

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