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February 24, 2021

Painting Progress – Savage Bêlit

If you remember a while ago I painted up the first of the 4 Bêlit models that I got in my Conan Kickstarter pledge (see here) well I decided to do a second one. this is the Savage Bêlit that came as a stretch goal in the Kickstarter and may not be released at retail.

The main reason for painting this model so early on (as I’m concentrating on the basic models that come in the Kings pledge first) is because the model kept getting caught when I took any models out of the stretch goals box and I was afraid of damaging it.

so here is the model before I primed it, note the wonky sword that I had to straighten with a dip into hot water

and here’s is the final version all painted up, I decided to go for a slightly weather worn style to the flesh tones instead of pure ivory flesh as Howard describes and I think it works with this pose

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