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February 26, 2021

Eureka Hawkmoon Figures

I’ve always been a fan of Michael Moorcocks books, especially the Hawkmoon series so I was really excited to hear that Eureka had picked up the licence.

After a long wait Eureka have released the first wave of figures from what will hopefully be a big range and I decided to order some figures. the figures were ordered on the 9th of December and they arrived yesterday (20th December) so thats 11 days from ordering to arrival and considering Eureka are based in Australia and I’m in the UK I think that’s pretty speedy service.

in total I got this lot (NOTE these have not been cleaned up in any way, I’ve taken out of the bags and took the pictures)

Hawkmoon – he’s the hero of the books

Count Brass – the other hero in the books

Oladahn – the 3rd hero and most unusual of the 3 as he’s a dwarf covered in fur

Next up we have the  Kamarg soldiers who defended Count Brass’s lands

the musician and 2 officers

Standard Bearer (NOTE the standard comes with a steel shaft prefitted)

Warriors with Swords and Hand Weapons

the same with spears

and some archers

Finally Eureka sent me a sample figure which was Jerry and Catherine Cornelius from another set of Moorcocks books, if you want to know why he’s carrying her naked body you’ll have to read the books

The Hawkmoon figures are available here 


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