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May 13, 2021

Dungeon Saga – What’s in the Box Part 1

Dungeon Saga is one of the many Kickstarter projects that Mantic Games have done over the last few years and as I’m not a fan of Mantic it completely passed me by. OK I probably should explain that statement a bit, when I say I’m not a fan of Mantic I don’t mean the people who work for the company as they all seem very nice I’m just not a fan of the games they produce as they often seem to be rushed out and broken.

Also because they use Kickstarter a lot it means you hardly see their products in a shop so if you want to get involved in a game you have to jump into the latest KS and hope the game and components is going to be any good.

so when we decided to review Dungeon Saga for Meeples and Miniatures I was less than enthusiastic to say the least, although this was probably because I was suffering from chest infection and had the flu. But anyway Mike Whitaker (my noble co-host on the show) did back the KS and he managed to play the game over Christmas and was keen to talk about it. During the review something strange happened to me as I started getting interested in the rules that Mike described and really liked what I was hearing about the way the game could be expanded, so much so by the end of the review I had logged onto Firestorm games site and brought the game.

a day later it arrived and so I find myself now owning the £50 core box

well I guess you all want to know whats in the box, well here’s a breakdown

First up when you open the box you find the box is in a slip case and on removal you see that its in the shape of a book, with some lovely detailing on it

on opening the box you see its full to the brim with all sorts of goodies

starting off we have the 3 books, the quick start guide, the rules and the quest book which contains all the scenarios for the campaign that is covered in this core game. the quality is really very good and I especially like the quick start guide as that gives you 2 adventures to start off the campaign. all of the books are nicely laid out and I haven’t spotted any mistakes yet

Next you get the cards that are used in the game plus some dice.

There are 3 types of cards included, Overlord, Spells and items and the smaller pack (marked open these first) are the cards needed to play the 2 intro adventures (which is a nice touch by Mantic)

Next we have larger cards for the 4 characters and the 4 ‘Boss’ villains, the 4 characters have 2 sets of stats, normal and legendary with the legendary stats being used once they get to a certain stage of the campaign (again another nice idea)

next there is a guide to the monsters that the Overlord player used and some clips to help assemble the dungeon

and to finish up for today we have the cardstock, which contains the dungeon tiles and all the markers used in the game. these are produced on 1m card and are double sided and very good quality. NOTE the tiles with a red border are used in the 2 intro games and are marked to make it easy to find them (that’s a 3rd tick in the box for Mantic on making it easy to learn the game)

Well so I’m really impressed by the quality of this game, it’s not what I expected from Mantic who I have given a hard time to over the years and that’s why I wanted to write this post as I think this game is really worth getting hold of.

in the next part I’ll go over the miniatures you get in the game, and if you are interested in the mechanics you’ll have to listen to our review of it on Meeples and Miniatures, or you can go and download a free copy of the rulebook here 

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    Mike W
    January 7, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    My work here is done.

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