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February 24, 2021

More Small Distractions

yesterday I posted a couple of pictures of my Epic (Space Marine) Squat army and it seems to have caused lots of interest on twitter with people asking what other armies I have lurking in the back of my cupboard.

well I have a few so here’s another one, this time its my Space Marine army or rather my Dark Angel army plus some Allies

I was really into the Dark Angels when I started playing SM, and over a space of a year I assembled almost the full chapter with only 2 companies unfinished

so here they are, I was especially pleased with the stands I did for the speeders which were made from clear rod

not content with doing the Dark Angels, I also decided to do a Veteran Company of Ultramarines with Thunderhawks and a small Space Wolves army, which included 3 hero characters in converted Rhino’s

Tomorrow I’ll dig out my Imperial Guard together with some Super Heavies

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