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February 26, 2021

Yet More Small Distractions

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly have more Space Marine armies, up I pop with number 4

and this time it’s Orks

the Orks in 2nd edition had some of the funkiest miniatures in the game and loads of fabulous rules, I was especially a fan of the Mekboys vehicles as they could cause carnage, and sometimes it was aimed at the enemy instead of friendly troops.


basically you never knew how the ork’s would play out and I found it best to just go with the chaos that would ensue when you used them

first up is an overview shot of the majority of the bases

I went for 3 clans in the army with a few specialist troops to extend it, so we have the Goffs, Evil Sunz and Bad Moons, together with the Kult of Speed just to add some extra fun.

to add to this lot I have some Stompa’s a Gibletgrinda Battle Fortress and some battlewagons

oh best we don’t forget these 3, after all it’s against the law not to have a Big Mob of Gargants

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