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February 24, 2021

eBay Bargain – New Eldar Army for NetEpic

If you read my post where I dug out my Epic army lead pile, you will have noticed that I was pondering starting an Eldar army to replace one I lost many years ago and that i had a few units in a bag all ready to go. (post here)

well this is the stuff I had and to be honest I picked it up on a bring and buy for the huge sum of £10

there is a fair bit in there, easily enough infantry and light vehicles, but does need a large sort out.

anyway I decided to have a little look on ebay to see if there was any bargains and would you believe it there was. I found someone selling a fully painted army with a titan and only 2 bids were on it. I placed a bid on it near the end of the sale and snapped it up for £36 plus £5 postage.

it arrived really quickly and so here’s the whole army

Firstly the center piece a Warlock Titan

An Avatar

Some Prism Cannon’s, 12 Falcon grav-tanks and 3 Nightwings

some laser canons, vibro canon, jet bikes and vipers

and finally the infantry, with 35 guardians, 8 wraithlords, and lots of aspect warriors


with the figures in my lead pile I have easily enough to complete the Howling Banshee’s and Dark Reapers plus add some more Warlocks but to me that is pretty much a whole army ready to use.

ok the painting on the vehicles is not brilliant but I think I can touch them up with some washes and I do want to do something to unify the basing on the infantry but thats fairly minor work.

So wish me luck as I fix up this army

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