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June 22, 2021

NetEpic – Space Marines v Imperial Guard

after a break of many many years I finally got some Epic figures on the table and I introduced my mate Mark to the game I loved as a younger man. I wasn’t sure which version of Epic to play either 2nd edition or NetEpic, but after a read through of both sets of the rules I decided to play NetEpic.

The reason for this was just because of the activation system which breaks the IGOUGO format of 2nd edition, and as it was Mark’s first game i went for 2 easy to play armies (Space Marines v Imperial Guard)

the scenario was based around the rebel IG holding a city and the SM’s had to show them the error of their ways

we played a small 2000 point game with the following armies

Imperial Guard

  • Tactical Infantry Company
  • Leman Russ Company
  • Artillery Company
  • Sentinel squad
  • Ogryn Platoon

This army was perfect for holding a built up area and I also gave them some barricades and bunkers to hide behind, the infantry in buildings would be hard to shift with artillery slowing down the attackers as they charged in. The tank company would be perfect for a counter attack and the sentinels could go and grab any objectives outside of the city and force the Marines to watch their flanks

Space Marines

  • Battle Company
  • Ravenwing Company
  • Terminator Assault Detachment
  • Predator Squadron
  • Land Raider Squadron
  • Thunderhawk Gunship

The Marines were outnumbered and with the Guard using companies they would have to try and break into the city and do as much damage as possible to try and break 2 of the large companies to get the victory points. the plan was simple, charge in and get into close combat as soon as possible, the artillery that would be used against them would cause a lot of casualties in the early part of the game so a phased attack was needed.

we placed 6 objectives, 3 in the city and 3 outside and set up our armies, Mark played the IG and I went for the Marines. the target was 35 Victory Points

here’s the table at the start of the game

The Activation in NetEpic is simple but works really well, at the start of the turn players place order counters face down next to each detachment, and then in the movement phase alternate activating a detachment at a time and making the move on the order if applicable. Once all movement is completed players alternate activating any units on first fire orders and make all ranged attacks with them (these could also snap fire in the movement phase to react to enemy movement)

then you do the same with any units on charge orders who are in base contact with the enemy

and finally you carry out any advanced fire shooting again alternatively

this is a really great system and keeps all players engaged in the game, because you show the orders for a unit during the movement phase it turns into a bluffing game with players trying to hold back some units until the end of the phase.

anyway back to the game, on turn 1 the Marines jumped forward into cover whilst holding some units back to grab objectives. in the rules you get 5 points for each objective you hold but you don’t have to keep units next to an objective once you control it, it stays yours until the enemy moves within 15cm. Mark put most of his army on first fire orders so the artillery rained down on any exposed units I had and started to inflict casualties early on and his tank company moved out on one flank

next up the marines charged forward and I managed to get a tactical detachment into close combat with 1 lot of Imperial Guard whilst the Terminators charged into the other side. I tried to drop my assault marines into the center of the city but the Thunderhawk was taken out by snap fire and I lost 5 out of 6 marine stands in the resultant crash (scratch that plan). the Imperial Guard continued to drop artillery fire on my flank and the 10 Leman Russ tanks faced off against 3 land raiders and 3 devastator marines. so it wasn’t looking good there.

the close combat was a forgone conclusion, the terminators and the marines made short work of the IG behind the barricades

The tank battle wasn’t as clean cut as was expected either with the Land Raiders not getting completely destroyed and actually managing to inflict some casualties on the Leman Russ tanks, however Mark did break the Land Raiders so he picked up a few VP’s for that


my remaining Assault Marine stand managed to take out one of the artillery pieces before it got jumped by the sentinels and in that turn I moved my marines over the barricades and into the city. as you cant charge over a barricade my terminators couldn’t engage in combat that turn with allowed Mark to shot them (luckily with no effect) but I was able to get my 2 Land Raider transports into the city to support the attack

it was at this point I played my ace card and moved the Land speeders around on either flank, they closed with the tanks and managed to break the company. Mark failed both break checks and the tanks fell back, on the other flank they moved forward and started to apply pressure there as well.

it was at this point that Mark managed to break my SM Battle Company but luckily they passed the break tests and carried out fighting.

in the last turn, the terminators charged down the IG and broke them, the 2 flank attacks hit home and with 2 land raiders and tactical marines now contesting all 3 objectives in the city Marks game was over

all in all it was a great game, and Mark wants another go next week, but this time it’ll be Squats v Orks and bigger armies



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