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May 8, 2021

Epic Painting and Tidy Up – Part 2

in an earlier post (it’s here) I posted a few pictures of my new Eldar army for NetEpic that I’m tidying up after buying them last week, well work has been progressing well and I thought I’d post some more pictures.

The idea behind this project was to quickly touch up the miniatures and give them a new lease of life, luckily a lot of the hard work was done using washes to add some depth to the miniatures, oh and also sort out the basing and get away from that horrible green flock.

First up are the 3 Nightwings, with a before and after picture

Then the 12 Falcons, these will be based but I’m just waiting for an order to arrive from warbases before I can do that (again a before and after shot)

Next up the infantry, Bikes and Artillery (here’s before)

and here’s after

The Aspect Warriors aren’t finished yet but here’s a work in progress pic to tease you

I have stripped a few minis back and will be completely repainting them so expect pictures of the rest later this week

the next job is to sort out the Titan

currently I’ve taking the model to apart to aid the refresh and also magnetized the weapons so I can swap them out, next up will be the repaint

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