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June 22, 2021

Crusade 2017 – The Wargames Show

Yesterday was the annual Crusade event that been run by the Penarth and District Wargames club since 1995, but this year it was different as its moved venues.

for as long as I can remember the event was held in the Cogan leisure center and frankly the parking was always a nightmare and as the show has grown it just outgrew the venue, so this year it moved to its new home at St Cyres School in Penarth.

The good thing about this move is there is finally lots of parking and its a modern light and airy building, the downside is the event was spread out across the school building so we ended up with traders and gamers in side rooms. as a customer I didn’t mind this and I was able to find everything I wanted easily (due to lots of maps displayed on screens in all the corridors) but I think a few traders were worried about people finding them.

once I arrived I went to see Rich and Nick from Too Fat Lardies who were putting on a demo of a new game they are developing (code name ‘What a Tanker’) and I managed to get a game of that early on.

What a Tanker is a fun game were each player get a single tank and the group of player on one side have a shared objective – in our game it was destroy the enemy. the game was quick to learn and huge fun to play and it was great to see so many younger players trying it out and beating us old timers. I think we’ll be chatting about this game lots on the Meeples and Miniatures show so keep an eye out for that.

after getting my tank blown up I went for a wander around the event and started some shopping

first stop was to see my mate Geoff’s new venture called Ham and Jam, Geoff is starting a line of pre-assembled buildings in 28mm that are perfect to WWII games. he had his first 3 designs for sale and we chatted lots about his plans for the range.

these buildings are fab and are built around a MDF shell and then textured and painted up with 3d printed accessories as well. I think these will sell really well and Geoff is already talking about terraced houses, out building and garden areas to go with new designs for the building layouts. this is a company to watch me thinks.

the rest of the day went in a blur, I spent most of the time chatting to friends and seeing what goodies I could buy. which means its time to show you the swag pile of purchases

my first visit was to Early War miniatures as I wanted to get a few bits for my 20mm Early War German army and also some support options for the Belgium’s that I have to paint. and this is what I got

EWM also gave me a set of 20mm jump of points for Chain of Command which was nice of them

Next up was a trip to Warlord games as I need an M3 Half track for the game I’m helping to run at OML5 in July, I also managed to get an extra Sherman as well

next up was a real find, I was after some basing material and found a company called Dragon Badger Models which had hundreds of bags of stuff so I spent a tenner and got all this lot

finally I met up with Gareth from ADC Painting who handed me a large box of painted models, when I got home I opened them and as you imagine was gobsmacked by the quality of the painting

I sent him some figures for my Peninsular armies for Sharp Practice and it included British and French Dragoons, lots of French officers and some ‘Doctors’ tending to the wounded. the officers and doctors will be used to make some Deployment points in my games and the cavalry as normal units.

I’ll take some proper pictures later and post them on the blog



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