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May 8, 2021

Napoleonic Cavalry for Sharp Practice in the Peninsular

At Crusade on Saturday I met up with Gareth from ADC Painting and picked up the latest commission he’s been working on for me and I thought I’d post some pictures to show you all

this latest commission was for some Cavalry and a few character figures to finish off my 2 Peninsular armies for Sharp Practice, and contained the following

  • 10 mounted French Dragoons – these were done with red facings but with the brown Spanish cloth instead of the classic green, the Officer and musician did have the green uniform though to show their rank and status
  • 6 dismounted Dragoons from the same unit
  • 10 British Dragoons – these are the 12th regiment (the Prince of Wales) as they fought in the Peninsular and also Waterloo (thinking ahead here)
  • some ADC’s and French support staff that I’ll use to make some Deployment points
  • a couple of Spanish civilians and 2 wounded soldiers, again I’ll make a little vignette with these for a possible Deployment point


Gareth does normally base and flock all his commissions but for these I asked him not to do that as I wanted to match them in with my existing figures and wanted to base them myself

so here’s the pictures, first up some British Dragoons

now at this point an uninvited guest interrupted the photo shoot

once he was removed I continued

Over the next few days I’ll base this lot up and will post pics of the progress

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