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April 22, 2021

NetEpic – Squats v Orks

yesterday saw me traveling to my mate Marks house again for another game of NetEpic, this time it was Orks v Squats. one of Mark’s friends wanted to try out the rules so we gave him the Squats and I umpired and helped him learn the rules.

this was a 3000 point game with the following forces


5 Nobz & 2 Battlewagon
3 Stompas

Evil Sunz Clan
Evil Sunz Gobsmasha Squadron
2 x Evil Sunz Spleenrippa Squadron

Kult of Speed

Renegade Mekboyz mob

Bad Moon Clan
Gretchin Mob 4 Gretchin stands
Shokk Attack Gun Team 4 stands


Warrior Brotherhood
Mole Detachment

Guild Biker Company
Trike Squadron
Support: Iron Eagle Squadron
Overlord Armoured Airship

Grand Battery

The table was set up in the standard manner and objectives were placed, followed by the armies

The game started with the ork’s doing what they do best and charging into combat, with the Bad Moon clan holding the Ork village on one flank, the action was thick and fast, but gradually the Squats pinned down the orks and destroyed them bit by bit and eventually managed to grab a few unguarded objectives and win the game.

as before it was a really enjoyable game and it was so nice to get my old armies out after all this time, we did do a few things wrong so Mark wants a re-match but this time with some gargants


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