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May 13, 2021

Epic Painting and Tidy Up – Part 4

after a short break its time for part 4 of this series on my new Eldar army I’m putting together for NetEpic

on the last post in this series I showed off the work I did on the Eldar Titan that came in the army (it’s here if you want a reminder) well that work is continuing with some new weapons finished off for the original titan and a new one being painted up

here’s the original one with its spare weapons which have been magnetised

and the new Titan which has magnetised heads and weapons, also as the Eldar titans don’t have a set number of holo fields now I just used a normal 60mm base instead of the one with the dial in it

I’ve only just started painting the spare weapons and heads but you get the idea

ok moving back to the infantry and vehicles, they are all done now and I’ve finally based up the Falcons

firstly all the infantry, including the Aspect warriors and the Warlocks

Then the Walkers and some new jet bikes and command stands

and finally the Falcons, including 4 new command vehicles

so all thats left for this army is to finish off the 2nd Titan and start on some Revenant Titans I just picked up from eBay and look around for some vehicles


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