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May 8, 2021

C&C Napoleonic’s Expansion 6 – Unboxing

This turned up a week or so ago and I didn’t get a chance to do a proper unboxing, but as its now hitting the shelves of the major retailers I think its time I did.

so without further ado, here’s a glimpse into the 6th Epansion for Commands & Colours Napoleonics

firstly you have this big heavy box

which on opening has this, yes its more blocks to sticker

underneath that we have some cardstock of some extra tokens and new unit markers, plus the courier rack which is used in the game

then we have scenarios, the game comes with 6 new standard Scenarios all covering Austerlitz, 12 Epic scenarios, and 2 ‘La Grand Battle’ scenarios. the standard scenarios are in the main rulebook but the larger ones are separate, so what this means is you now have 3 ways to play the game.

  • Standard 2 player game on a normal 13 x 9 hexed board, split into 3 zones (Right, Center, Left)
  • Epic games, for 2 – 8 players on a 20 x 11 hexed board, split into 3 zones (Right, Center, Left)
  • La Grande Battles, for 8 players on a 26 x 11 hexed board, split into 6 zones (2 on the right, 2 in the center, 2 on the left)

then we have the rule book, which explains the various ways to play the new scenarios and explains what the Courier rack is for, the back of the book also lists the scenarios included

next up are the boards, 2 for the Epic games which are standard quality C&C boards

and 2 boards for La Grande Battles, which are made of a thinner card

finally we have the usual sticker sheets for the extra units required to play the game, some extra dice and more terrain tiles and QRF

later on I’ll blog about the new rules and give people an idea of how multiplayer games work with this expansion



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