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May 13, 2021

Oddball Tank by Warlord Games

a few weeks ago I picked up Warlord games Oddball Tank, which is very similar to the vehicle used in the classic 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes

the vehicle in the film was a Sherman M4A3E4 that the production team loaned from the Yugoslavian army and has become an iconic vehicle. ok this model was never used in WWII but I think it can find a use in some games I play, after all it’s very cool

the model comes with 4 crew members which like the vehicle are very similar to Oddballs crew

Despite having a very full painting desk I decided to assemble and paint up this model, just because it was so nice, so here it is after assembly, I managed to damage one of the hatch covers during assembly so had to repair that before I started painting it

as you can see the model is covered in boxes, bundles and packs so it would be a bit of a challenge, but over a week I worked on the paint job and spent a fair bit of time making the tank look grubby and unloved

here’s the model near the end of the process just before I started on the crew

the 4 crew figures were really characterful but Turk (the crewman who is modeled sitting on the turret) was really badly cast up and I had to spend a bit of time sorting out the face and jacket were the mould had split

but eventually the model was finished and here’s a few pictures of the final model

All in all I really enjoyed painting up this model, generally the quality of the model was excellent and it painted up a treat, now I just need to get it on the table and pray for some positive vibes

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One Response “Oddball Tank by Warlord Games”

  1. Avatar
    February 13, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Very evocative! I used to have that film on VHS. I remember being told once I couldn’t watch it because it was Christmas! Great work. Great film.

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