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May 13, 2021

18mm British Army 1815

as I mentioned in my last post (it’s here if you missed it) I want to get back into battalion level Napoleonic wargaming so I decided today to dig out my armies and see what I’ve got, and here is part 1 ‘The British/Allied army during 1815’

like my mate Rich Jones,  I think the hundred days is a period of history that is really interesting and so a few years ago I decided to put together some armies that are aimed at that particular campaign. look I know there was only a few battles during it but one of them was Waterloo and for me it’s an iconic battle and so that’s what I wanted to base my army on. the other deciding factor was it was during this time that Napoleon at War came out and they did lovely boxes of figures which contained everything you needed for a division and lets be honest I’m lazy so this approach suited me.

so I worked out some army lists based on the OoB, then I brought a few boxes of figures and sent them off to be painted and based by Gareth at ADC Painting.

this process went on for a while on and off, in fact the last order I gave Gareth was for some Cavalry which is nearly 5 years after I sent him the very first order of figures. so whilst this army isn’t finished I have more then enough for a game or 2 and now I can spend time just adding to it.

I guess at this point you want to know what I’ve got, well I based the army on the 1st Corp under the Prince of Orange and here’s a break down of progress

1st Division – Major-General Sir George Cooke

1st Brigade – Major-General Peregrine Maitland

3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards

2nd Brigade – Major-General Sir John Byng

2nd Battalion, Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards

the was a little cock up here as originally I wanted to do the 2 battalions from the 1st Brigade but I put the wrong flags on them so I have 1 battalion from each of the 2 brigades, but never mind I’ve got the figures and they’ll be going to be painted very soon. here’s some pictures of them together with one of the brigade commanders and also Sir George Cooke on the bigger command base

I need to add in 2 batteries of Artillery to complete that Divison but again I have the figures I just need to get them painted

3rd Division – Lieutenant-General Count Sir Charles Alten KCB 

2nd Brigade, King’s German Legion – Brevet Colonel Baron Christian Freiherr von Ompteda

1st  Light Battalion
2nd Light Battalion
5th Line Battalion
8th Line Battalion

5th Brigade – Major-General Sir Colin Halkett KCB

2nd Battalion, 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot
33rd (1st Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment of Foot
69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot
2nd Battalion, 73rd Regiment of Foot

Artillery Support – Lloyd’s Battery R.F.A.

I used Newline Design 20mm figures to model the Light Battalions and they worked out perfectly, I need to do the 1st Hanoverian Brigade next, which will be a mix of Newline and Napoleon at War miniatures but here’s some pictures of the units in this Division so far

firstly the KGL Brigade

and the the 5th Brigade

and some artillery

Next up we have some cavalry with the following units completed

12th (Prince of Wales’s) Light Dragoons
16th (Queen’s) Light Dragoons
2nd (Royal North British) Dragoons (Scots Greys)

and to finish up a few overhead pictures of the whole lot

Next up will be the French army


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