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June 22, 2021

Total Battle Miniatures – 15mm Village

As I’ve just started playing 15mm Napoleonic’s again I decided to treat myself to some nice terrain to fit in with the period and I had a look at a few suppliers. But the problem I found was 15mm terrain was too big for the games I was planning on playing and its because of the scale of the game.

you see with any large scale game (e.g. where a tabletop unit represents a battalion) is that the ground scale just goes right out the window and you end up in the position where a single buildings footprint would actually represent a whole village. the obvious way around this is to use buildings of a smaller scale to the figures, but I’ve never been happy with that idea and frankly its always been something that has bugged me

then I came across Total Battle Miniatures who have produced buildings specifically designed to overcome this problem, to quote from their website

Big Battalions buildings have a shrunken footprint while keeping correct scale height. These buildings are for games where a more than one-to-one, figure-to-man ratio is to be used, allowing settlements to be depicted with a reasonable collection of buildings rather than one or two buildings depicting whole towns.

so I decided to place an order and I got the 15mm village pack plus an extra Chateau building to push me over the £40 order limit and therefore give me free postage

they arrived whilst I was away and over the weekend I sat down and painted up the village.

Here’s a picture of the it

so this sells for £36 and consists of a two part polyurethane resin mat and 4 buildings (click here for a link to the Big Battalions range)

This mat is really interesting as TBM have done a lot of work to develop a resin that remains flexible after cure and these are designed to give long life, so unlike most rubbers which will degrade over a fairly short to medium time frame the resin should last for many years without deterioration.

here’s the mat which has 4 areas for the buildings to be placed

and the 4 buildings

I decided to go for a light sandstone colour for the brick work as this is meant to be Northern France and most of images I’ve seen are not the grey granite colour I would normally go for.

the mat was painted with acrylic paints (some emulsion paint and hobby acrylics) whilst the building were undercoated with Army Painter desert yellow and then painted normally using whatever colours came to hand.

I’m really happy with the finished result and hopefully the quality of these models comes across, they are full of detail and nicely cast up in a a good quality resin

to finish off here’s some more pics of the village


2 Responses “Total Battle Miniatures – 15mm Village”

  1. Avatar March 22, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Looking good! A clever idea indeed that keeps things handsome and true to scale.

    I’m curious about the flexible resin base. Is it flexible enough a material to allow for roads in 28mm scale? I’m looking for stuff that’ll paint up well but conform to undulating terrain fairly well.

  2. MikeH
    March 22, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    hi Sean
    it’s difficult to say with 100% certainty if the roads TBM sell would be flexible enough as the village mat is fairly thick compared to a road, although that being said the mat is pretty flexible even though its thick

    but my gut reaction would be to say they would be fine and I’m actually thinking about replacing all my old roads with these in the near future.

    once I get some roads I’ll post a review on here


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