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April 22, 2021

Runewars The Miniatures Game – The Daqan Lords

After yesterdays unboxing of the new Runewars miniatures game I decided to assemble the miniatures and take some pictures, and here’s is part 1 of a short 2 part series where we look at the Daqan Lords

there are 2 armies in the game the Daqan Lords a human army and the Waiqar an undead faction, and today we are looking at the Daqan.

you get 4 units in the core game and we’ll start with the biggest one the Spearmen, you get 16 of these with 4 separate sculpts. as with all the models in this game the minis are 2 or 3 part plastics that slot together fairly easily. Some of these miniatures do come with bendy spears but that should be easily sorted with a dip in hot water

Next up 4 Cavalry figures

next a huge monster a Rune Golem

and finally a Daqan hero Kari Wraithstalker, these figures come on an integrated base which allow the miniatures to be removed from the big base and can be added to other units



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