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April 23, 2017

Runewars The Miniatures Game – First Test Figures

After putting the figures together from the Runewars miniatures game I decided to paint some of the infantry up to see how they came up.

first up was the Daqan spearmen.

in the rules the Daqan are shown in rather bright blue and gold armour but I decided to go for a more muted palette. I wanted to carry on the blue theme that is on the order dials but decided to paint the armour a dark gunmetal. Another thing I wanted to do was keep the paint scheme simple as I have to paint a few of these and don’t want to spend too long on each one.

here’s the first 4 figures painted up

next up are the Reanimates, again 4 figures painted in a simple paint scheme using a dark purple scheme to match the order dials.


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