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February 26, 2021

15mm WWII Russian Army for Sale

one of my best mates has decided to sell his 15mm WWII Eastern Front armies and so I thought I would try my best to help find it a new home

the army is mostly battlefront miniatures and is really well painted and based up, I would have brought it myself if it wasn’t for the fact i already have a Russian army. in total the army consists of this lot

  • T34/76 x 7
  • KV-1 x 3
  • SU-76 x 2
  • Jeep x 3
  • M/C Combo x 4
  • T-26 x 5
  • BA64 x 2
  • T-70 x 3
  • SU122 x 1
  • 45mm ATG (3 crew) x2
  • Maxim MG (3 crew) x 4
  • Maxim MG (5 crew) x1
  • Mortar (3 crew) x4
  • Mortar (4 crew) x3
  • SMG (3 figures) x6
  • Rifles (4 figures) x 5
  • Mix (3 rifles +LMG) x 8
  • Rifles (5 figures) x1
  • Mortar (2 crew) x2
  • Mix (Rifle + LMG) x4
  • Rifle (2 figures) x7
  • SMG (2 figures) x 8
  • Command (3 figures) x 1
  • Mix (Rifle + SMG) x2
  • Mix (Offier or NCO + 1 rifle) x3
  • Mix (Officer/NCO + SMG) x1

and here’s some pictures of the minis

He’s looking for £250 plus postage for the army which is a bargain in my view, if you are interested in the army leave a message here or direct message me on Twitter I’m (@Wargamer_Mike ) and I’ll put you in touch with Ty

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