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April 22, 2021

Star Wars Rebellion



I’ve been after a Sunday afternoon game for a while (i.e. a game that can be played leisurely over a Sunday afternoon by a couple of players) and I came up with a few candidates, however I finally decided that Star Wars Rebellion was the one to get and last week I picked it up.

Today as its Sunday I popped over to my mate Marks place and we had a go of it.

Star Wars Rebellion is a big game galactic conquest produced by Fantasy Flight games and as you would imagine its beautifully produced and has really clever mechanics

in the game one player is the Empire and other is (obviously) the rebels, the rebels are outnumbered by the Empire and have to try and gain influence over the galaxy to encourage a rebellion to take place, whilst the empire try to track the secret rebel base and destroy it.

the game revolves around players sending out characters to do missions and move fleets around a huge map. there is a great intro video on YouTube produced by Q and A Gaming that I really recommend you watch

we played the intro version of the game today which has set units and styarting positions and also leaves out some the rules to allow players to get to grips with the basics before trying a full game

here’s a few pictures of the game once we’d set up and played the first round

as the game progresses more characters join your ranks which gives you more things you can do each turn

as I said earlier you can send characters off on missions, here Darth Vader launched an attack on a planet he thought the rebel base was located (it wasn’t)

the game is really cinematic and playing the Rebels I really felt like I was out numbered and couldn’t risk a frontal attack till late in the game

eventually the Empire tracked me down and launched an attack on my base, which I managed to fight off on the last turn and win the game

the game took about 3 1/2 hours to play out and I loved it, it’s really deep and very thematic, as you would expect on a galaxy wise game use of logistics is key to winning and each player has to use transports to keep his troops moving.

I cant wait to play this again and I highly recommend it

I brought mine from Firestorm Games who (at time of writing) have the game at 20% with free delivery get it here

oh did I mention there is an expansion planned for later this year called Rise of the Empire


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