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May 13, 2021

Conan Expansion – Nordheim

yesterday I received the wave 2 of the Conan boardgame that I pledge for a few years ago which contained 2 expansions and the Campaign book.

so I thought I’d post a quick unboxing of the 1st expansion Nordheim

the expansion take place in the frozen North of Hyboria and is loosely based on the story ‘The Frost Giants Daughter’

so first up we have the box

which opens up to this

the expansion introduces a new hero called Niord and some allies; the Aesir

we get some card tiles and the scenario book (2 versions French and English)

there are 4 new scenarios in the book and from a quick glance they look really fun to play out and do follow a narrative that’s based on the book

plus a new double sided board

and of course a big box containing some figures plus spell and equipment cards

here’s some closeups of the figures, first up one of the Frost Giant sons

and the same figure next to Atali the Frost Giants Daughter

then we have Niord and the Aesir

and finally the Vanir and some crows

in total there are 24 models in this expansion which should allow for lots of good games


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