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May 22, 2017

Conan Expansion – Khitai

After yesterdays trip to the frozen north today Conan is travelling to the far east to the Kingdom of Khitai

this is the second expansion I brought in the Kickstarter and so I think we need a little unboxing

First up the box

like the Nordhiem expansion this one contains a new hero to join Conan in his adventure plus new boards and scenarios, so once the box is open you get this view

we have the Hero card, the scenario books and some new tiles

the expansion has 4 new scenarios including a game set in a 5 level tower that catches fire in the second scenario, plus another 2 set in a village area, the boards for both of these are just fantastic

and then we come to the figures which as normal are in a well packaged box

first up we have the new hero Shentu

then the sorcerer Shuang Mian, which is an absolutely fantastic miniature

then some minions for the Overlord to use, with some Tower guards, Honour guards, javelin throwers and foo dogs, again these are lovely miniatures and I’m looking forward to painting them

so thats 22 figures in total which is a bargain in my view


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