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April 22, 2021

Blood Rage – The Miniatures

in my last post I did a quick unboxing and showed off the components in the game and in this post I want to concentrate on the minis.

This miniatures in this game are something else, considering they are plastic boardgame pieces they have really pushed the bar as the level of detail is amazing, I would say they are as good as and in some cases better to the Conan miniatures I have. but lets look at them in detail

the game comes with 4 factions with each faction having 1 leader and 8 Warriors, the warriors come in 2 sculpts (nice touch) there are also 9 Monsters (5 normal sized and 4 huge sized)

the standard minis are around 32mm in scale with the monsters around 50mm

Bear Clan Warriors

Raven Clan Warriors

Serpent Clan Warriors

Wolf Clan Warriors

Bear and Raven Clan Leaders

Wolf and Serpent Clan Leaders

each clan also comes with a boat model that looks like this

I’m really happy with these models, ok a few have got bendy spear syndrome but thats really easy to fix and these will get painted up as I think they will be really useful in games of Otherworld or any Fantasy Skirmish game I feel like playing

next up we have the 9 Monsters, firstly we have 5 standard sized ones

Völur Witch and Valkyrie

Dark Elf and Dwarf Chieftain

Soldier of Hel

these are all lovely but are a little overshadowed by these 4 miniatures

Sea Serpent


Fire Giant

I’m playing the game on Thursday so look out for a post describing that game soon



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