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April 19, 2021

Painting Progress – Pirates for Conan

a little while ago we Meeples and Miniatures interviewed Matt Slade from Glenbrook Games about his business and how he paints figures (it’s here if you missed it) as I’ve known Matt for ages I decided to ask if he could paint up some of my Conan miniatures to help clear the backlog and so I gave him the pirates.

I picked them up the other day and thought I would show them here

Matt does normally base up the miniatures he paints but for this order I asked him to leave that as I wanted to do it (to match the rest of the figures I’ve done. anyway enough waffle here’s the finished minis

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I was really pleased by them, although when I was basing I did add a few highlights just to claim I did something on the models, but I think Matt did a great job

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