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February 26, 2021

Books that make me play games – Part 3 Comic Books and Graphic Novels

following on from the first 2 parts of this mini series of posts Part 1 here Part 2 here

Here’s part 3 where I list the story lines from Comics and and Graphic Novels that made me want to play games, as before the usual rules apply in my choices (has to be fiction, can be part of a series etc) however its worth noting that I’m not a huge graphic novel fan and so most of my choices come from comics I read when I was a kid and seeing I’m 51 that means British comics from the 70’s (so be warned)

5 – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – by Allan Moore (Author), Kevin O’Neill (Artist)

I discovered this book after watching the film of the same name and being told that the graphic novel was much better, so I brought it and guess what it really was. its a great story (thanks to Allan Moore) and one that influenced many games over the last 5 years

For games I would use Empire of the Dead rules by Westwind productions or Pulp Alley by Dave & Mila Phipps, I would also look at the range of Gothic figures produced by Westwind as they are great

4 – Fiends of the Eastern Front – 2000ad – Gerry Finley-Day (Author)

Fiends of the Eastern Front was a short series in 200AD that followed the premise that a group of vampires was working for the Germans in WWII and told of one German soldiers attempts to wipe out the group. its a really interesting idea for a comic and was really ahead of its time.

For games I would go for Pulp Alley or an adaption of Secrets of the 3rd Reich by Westwind

3 – Charlies War – Battle – by Pat Mills (Author), Joe Colquhoun (Author)

Sticking with the war theme we have one of the greatest comic book series ever produced, I was around 13 when it first appeared in the pages of Battle and it introduced me to a history that I knew nothing about. although this is a real Anti-War comic it did influence me to play games in the Western Theatre of WWI

For games I would use The Great War (now out of print) or Through the Mud and the Blood by Too Fat Lardies

2 – The V.C’s – 2000ad – Gerry Finley-Day (Author)

Another long forgotten series from 2000ad, the V.C’s or Vacuum Cleaners was a sci-fi series set in a future where mankind was at war with an alien nation called ‘the Geeks’ it had shades of Vietnam in it’s writing but was a story that still holds up 30 odd years after it came out

for games I would look at modifying Freejumper by Sam Mustafa for the space combat, and for the planet side combat I would probably use 7TV  by Crooked dice as thats my go to set of rules for small combat games

1 – Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth – 2000ad – John Wagner (Author), Pat Mills (Author), Brian Bolland (Illustrator), Mick McMahon (Illustrator)

This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows me, after all I am a huge Judge Dredd fan and this was the classic Dredd storyline. One day i hope someone can wrestle a licence out of Matchbox to produce the land raider in 1/56 scale. but till then I’ll just make do with the 200 odd figures I got as part of the Mongoose Kickstarter

For games I would use the rules Mongoose publishing produced with Warlord games which are sadly out of print due to Mongoose losing the licence

well thats it, let me just leave you with this image of Judge Dredd in his finest moment

2 Responses “Books that make me play games – Part 3 Comic Books and Graphic Novels”

  1. Avatar
    Shaun Randell
    June 20, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Oh I forgot all about Fiends of the Eastern Front, but I did have a small bet with myself that you put in VCs. I also loved ABC Warriors and of course Rogue Trooper.

    • MikeH
      June 20, 2017 at 9:48 pm

      to be honest it would have been really easy to fill the list with 2000ad storylines so I had to limit myself

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