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May 13, 2021

Just when you think you’re out, they drag you back in

last Saturday a strange thing happened to me as I went into Firestorm Games and brought the new version of Warhammer 40K (the 8th edition) and this wasn’t some impulse purchase made after a few too many beers, I went into the shop specially to buy it.

ok I had also organised a game of Pulp Alley with my mate Ty, and I also wanted to try out 4Grounds new game The Legends Of Fabled Realms which they were demoing, but buying 40K was something I had already decided to do.

and you are all probably wondering why as I am famously not a 40K player?

well the thing is I used to be and after seeing all the news and snippets about the rules I decided to give it another go. You see in this version of the game GW have done something very clever, they have introduced 3 ways to play which are open, narrative or matched. It is this subtle change that interests me as my biggest problem with the old version of 40K is the way players would use the rules to produce killer armies, also every 2 months GW would release a new army that had loads of special rules that made it better than everything else out there which forced competitive players to buy new armies. this ‘Codex Creep’ really pissed me off as I had built up a few armies but none of them were any good when matched with players using the latest army with the latest rules, so I just stopped playing. Also my long time gaming buddy Bill moved to parts foreign and this meant the only people I could play against were people at my club and whilst they are all really nice people when I watched them play I could see they wanted different things from the game to me.

there is one other thing that made me pick up 8th ed and that is the removal of codex’s, now GW have released 5 army list books that contain all the army list you’ll ever need, which should mean we finally have a level playing surface and no more Codex Creep (fingers crossed) so finally this might mean my Dark Angels will be playable again.

when I look back I am amazed that I ever played 40K as the game didn’t do anything for me, I played Epic a lot so I was really invested in the universe that GW had created but I found it hard to like 40K. I did once try back in the early 90’s and I put together a small force but nothing came of that, so the project was shelved. it was only when I started playing regularly with Bill that I tried the game again, this was probably around the time that 4th edition was out and we both built up some armies and we had loads of great games. I was playing my favourite Space Marine army the Dark Angels, but I also had some Grey Knights and a sprinkling of Imperial Guard to use with them as well as a large Tau army. then Bill suggested we try a campaign and we used the Forgeworld book the Siege of Vraks for that which sent me off buying a Chaos Renegade army, unfortunately just after we started Bill moved away and the project was shelved. However I did buy a load of Bills old armies off him so my 40K armies were expanded with some Sisters of battle, Orcs, Chaos and a pile of unopened boxes of stuff

Last year I decided to have a clear out and I sold off pretty much everything 40K related, which means all of these figures (plus more) have gone to new homes

However I did keep 2 armies, The Dark Angles and the Chaos Renegades so at least I still have something to use in the new version of the game.

I do need to dig out my armies again and see exactly what I have, so over the next few days I’ll take some proper pictures of my 2 remaining armies and post them here for you all to see


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