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May 13, 2021

40K Dark Angels – Part 1

in my last post I discussed a bit of my history with 40K and said that after selling off a lot of figures last year I left myself 2 armies (just in case I needed them)

so today got the first of those armies out of storage and did a bit of an audit to see what I had, and here’s the results.

but before I show off any pictures I probably should explain why the marines have red edging on their shoulder pads as everyone else does the shoulder pads dark green. Well that goes way back to my very first Dark Angel army I painted in 1991 for Epic, I remember seeing an article in one of the Epic books or maybe in White Dwarf where it listed the company colours used by Dark Angels and red was listed as the colour for the 5th Company.

this was way before Dark Angels had the company symbols they use now and when I started this army I wanted to include some of that history in my models.

from what I remember the company colours for Dark Angels were something like this (but I’m happy to be corrected)

1 – Deathwing – Bone White
2 – Ravenwing – Black
3 – Battle company – Orange
4 – Battle company – Green
5 – Battle company – Red
6 – Tactical company – Purple
7 – Tactical company – Blue
8 – Assault company – Grey
9 – Devastator Company – Yellow
10 – Scout company – Light Green

later on GW gave each company of Dark Angels company symbols so I decided to incorporate these into the army as well as the company colours

ok enough history lets go through the units

Command Squad

this is a 5 man squad which includes a lot of figures I converted myself from various bits and I’ve photographed them with my very old company commander that dates back to the 90’s. In the latest edition of the rules this unit is going to have change a bit with the Sargeant (far left) and the 2 marines on the right forming a Company Veterans squad and the marine with the large banner becoming an attached Company Ancient with Astartes banner likewise the Apothecary and Captain can attach themselves to this squad as well if required

but the good news is all the figures in this unit are still valid

Veteran Squad

This 5 man squad was one I put together when the robed Dark Angels first came out, the sergeant is one I converted (I think) and luckily these are all still valid in 8th ed, this squad carried on a theme in this army of all the veteran and commanders being armed with swords in one form or another


this was one of the Veteran figures that I pimped up and made a Captain, I remember when I painted it I had just finished a huge WWI army and was sick of painting drab so I went a bit mad and used lots of bright colours, to be honest I’m not very keen on this model so I tend to use my old 90’s commander as I think it has more character to it (plus its not as bright)

Command Transport

To transport my command and veteran units around I use a razorback with extra armour, unfortunately this model has had a few knocks and needs a little TLC to repair some of the damage

Techmarine squad

I really had a thing for Techmarines as they are really over the top with their retinue of Servitors and servo-harness so I went for a full on Techmarine with a full squad of 4 Servitors

I also built a vehicle to transport them in, think of it as a mobile garage. the model is a standard Rhino with Dozer blade and a lots of modifications including it’s own power arm, winches and even a side mounted servitor (I was watching a lot of Star Trek and was inspired by the Borg for this one)

I think its my favourite vehicle conversion ever


This was my favourite squad but my lord it was a pain in the arse to paint up (so many layers of bone)

anyway I did this squad as close combat specialists and armed each one with lightening claws, except the sergeant who got a power sword and a combi storm bolter, they are bloodly lovely models but a pain to paint up


Dark Angels wouldn’t be Dark Angles without the Ravenwing so I went a bit mad with them with a full squad plus a smaller second squad and some Landspeeders

and thats it for part 1 of the Dark Angel audit, join me in part 2 when I get to the rest of the units


2 Responses “40K Dark Angels – Part 1”

  1. Avatar June 22, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Looking good. Always had a soft spot for DA but could never face “the bone”

    I don’t think you can “attach” characters to units any more. They often have the ability to influence nearby units, but technically they remain a separate unit of one model and can therefore be targeted.

    • MikeH
      June 22, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      yeah you are correct, the Veterans have a rule that allows them to take wounds from characters within 3″ but the characters are all independent units

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