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May 13, 2021

40K Chaos Renegades – Part 1

If you’ve been following my last few posts you would have seen my 40K Dark Angel army in detail and now its time to cover my 2nd army the Renegades

This army was started a fair few years ago  when Forgeworld released a series of books on the Siege of Vraks and myself and my then 40K dancing partner Bill decided it would be a great idea to do the campaign. this obviously meant I had to build a Renegades army that Forgeworld had just started selling (oh no what a shame)

to be honest this was not a problem as I’ve always wanted to do a Forgeworld army so I jumped in with the Renegades.

the idea behind the army was they were an imperial world that had just gone over to the Chaos side which meant they are not very chaos tainted, just a bit mad looking. I wanted them to look like a load of soliders that have gone wild and left the trapping of the army behind, so lots of dirty unkempt uniforms and vehicles. I also wanted to show the vehicles as being ones that were produced by the imperium but are now in enemy hands, so lots of damage and all the imperial symbols were hacked off and chaos symbols crudely painted on over the top. if I succeeded in this venture you can judge

so lets look at the infantry first and part 2 I can show off the vehicles, its worth mentioning that the infantry were all painted using the Army Painter Dip method, which gave me exactly the look I was after (and was really quick to do)

and before I start I don’t have the new 8th edition army list yet so I’ll just show the figures and once I get the list I can verify everything is still usable

Command squad

this 5 man squad has the Champion and 4 other renegades supporting him, these figures are beautiful and painted up really well



these troops encourage the renegades to battle in a similar war to WWII Russian Commissars did, I made them a bit neater to the rest to show their high status, these are FW conversion pack on plastic guard models

Disciples of Xaphan

another small elite unit, I used the haeds from the enforcers with other bits from the plastic Cadian models

Ogryn Berserkers

these are big and mean, I mean really mean, its normally a 5 man unit but I managed to pick up one of the limited edition figures that Forgeworld produced to extend the unit (or I’ll use it in a command squad as a bodyguard)

Renegade Militia

and finally we get to the backbone of the army, the militia, these are all converted using FW parts and plastic Cadian’s, I used a limited palette and generally made them look as dirty as possible

I think there are about 50 of them, plus all the heavy weapons which will follow

did you spot the one giving the nazi salute?

Heavy Weapon teams

as this is based on a guard army I had to include lots of heavy weapon teams

So thats all the infantry, next post will cover the vehicles I’ve done


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