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May 13, 2021

40K Chaos Renegades – Part 2

And I’m back, its another day and another post about 40K and this time its part 2 of my Renegades army where I’ll go over the vehicles I have done so far

as I said in my last post (here) I wanted the vehicles to look like they have been captured by the renegades and re-purposed, so I wanted them to look a bit beaten up with paint and other stuff attached

so here we go from the smallest to the largest


I really like these little 2 legged vehicles and wanted to include one in my renegades army, so I put one together and played around with some quick rust effects and I think it worked out

Leman Russ Tank

ah the Leman Russ, its the classic guard armoured vehicles that no one knows how the crew fit in with those oversized guns, but I had a couple hanging around so this one was just assembled as standard painted up and then I messed it up a bit to make it fit in with the army

Destroyer Tank Hunter

this is a Forgeworld conversion kit on a Leman Russ chassis. I do have a thing for Forgeworld stuff and wanted to try and include some different vehicles in the army. this is one I’m really pleased with


this is where the army went a bit silly.

the original plan was to include some older Imperial tanks from Forgeworld (like a Malcador) but then the plastic Baneblade kit came out and the idea of doing a big infantry support tank seemed like a good plan.

so I got 2 extra sponson sprues and assembled it as a Hellhammer. I won’t tell you how long this took to assemble and paint up but it took a while

so there we go, 1 renegades army, although I do think I need some more vehicles and a few more figures, maybe a quick look on the Forgeworld site is in order


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