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April 22, 2021

An Unexpected Journey – Planning the Third Army

I can’t believe its been 3 months since I last updated the blog, doesn’t time fly

So since I last posted on here many things have happened much of which you can find out about on the last few Meeples and Miniatures podcasts (yes I know it’s a shamless plug) but the main story has been my assembling and painting of a Rohan army.

Well the Rohans are nearly finished and I’ll be posting about them very soon but instead of looking back lets look forward. I was unsure which army to tackle next so I ran a twitter poll and after 4 days of frantic voting the results came in that my next Lord of the Rings army should be Elves. so Elves it is

Today I dug out all the Elves I own to start planning an army, and here’s what I have so far

firstly we have some Galahrim Infantry from Lothlórien of which I have 18 in total and all the old metal models, I might need a few more to allow me to field 3 groups of 8 men but luckily GW still do a range of plastics which should fit in with these nicely

next up are 12 Lothlórien Elves with Bows and 24 plastic Wood Elves, hopefully these will mix in ok as I’m thinking about forming them up into 6 man skirmish units

Carrying on with the theme of Wood Elves I have some Sentinels and commanders including Haldir

Moving away from Elves from Lothlórien we move into the High Elves from the end of the second age, in the films these were the ones shown in the opening battle, which was the battle of Dagorlad.

I have a mix of metal and plastics infantry with 44  unpainted plus another 12 painted up (oh yeah there’s another couple of Lorian elves painted up as well)

Next up are some Heroes with Glorfindel and Arwen (with Frodo), Elrond and Gil-Galad, Elladan, another Haldir and Elrohir

and finally to finish off we have Celeborn, Galadriel and the the mirror, which I want to use as a deployment point

looking at the figures I have the plan will be to concentrate on a Lorian army using the Galahrim as heavy infantry and the rest of the wood Elves as skirmishers, then do a second force based around the High Elves.

I am thinking about adding in some Cavalry but Gw do a nice pack of Galahrim Knights which will round off the army nicely. now all I have to do work out a nice gold recipe for all that armour


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