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May 13, 2021

Optical Power Storage Box

Over the last 6 months I’ve started to play card games, and specifically Living Card games (or LCG) that are produced by Fantasy Flight games. I’ll be honest it was my mate Neil from Meeples and Miniatures that converted me to the games as he pointed out they could be played solo, take up very little space and are cheap.

so I brought the Lord of the Rings Card game and tried it out and found I enjoyed it, then I brought a few expansions for it. after that I tried Arkham Horror by FFG and found I really liked that so I brought a few expansions for that.

much of my purchasing was directly influenced by a couple of posts Neil wrote on his blog, both of which I recommend

Knowing your Angmar from your Erebor: Getting started with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Written in the cards – my deck building approach in Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

it was then that I started to slide down the rabbit hole as I quickly realized that I needed to protect my 100’s of pretty cards and just dumping them in plastic bags wasn’t going to work, so I started to sleeve my cards which meant they took up more space, so much so I could get all my cards into the boxes the games came in. I needed something better

so I had a hunt around and I came across a company called Optical Power who are based in Wales and produce a load of HDF storage boxes that you can assemble. These store a lot of cards and are a really good price, however they also do some ready to use storage boxes that preassembled.

so I decided to use some Christmas money and brought one of the Arkham Horror Antique Boxes, within a very short time the box arrived

upon opening it and removing the top layer of packing I was faced with this

oh yes its a beautifully made wooden case with brass and leather bits thats all engraved

inside is a HDF tray with 40 wooden dividers

obviously my cat jumped into the cardboard box and was very happy

once I’d stopped drooling over my new purchase I start work on filling it with my Arkham Horror cards, I decided to add in some dividers to help sort the cards so I downloaded some from Boardgame geek and set to work printing, laminating and cutting them out

after a few days I had finished the work and my box now looks like this

this is the Core Xox, Dunwich Legacy and 5 of the expansions which is approx. 700 cards and I still have plenty of space.

well as you could imagine once I had got the Arkham Horror box I was keen to get one for Lord of the Rings and wouldn’t you know it Optical Power do a similar box for that game as well, so I got that as well

Into this I fitted the core box The 6 shadows of Mirkwood expansions and both of the Hobbit Saga expansions which is about 900 cards and again lots of room

So whats my thoughts I hear you ask?

well I am a huge fan of these boxes for the following reasons

  1. they look fabulous
  2. they are really well built
  3. they are sturdy and protect the cards
  4. they have loads of room inside
  5. have I said they look fabulous?
  6. the price is very reasonable


each of these boxes cost £42.99 with postage in the UK at £6 and they each arrived within a week.

I’m really impressed by Optical Power and I recommend anyone who plays cards games to take a look at their site here’s a direct link to the Arkham Horror boxes they do http://oplaser.co.uk/shop/arkham-intermediate-antique-assembled.html and one for the LotR box http://oplaser.co.uk/shop/lotr-intermediate-antique-assembled.html



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