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February 24, 2021

The UK Games Expo – Part 1

over the last 3 days (1st – 3rd June) I have visited to foreign parts to attend the UK Games Expo and thought I would share my thoughts on the visit. the Expo is a 3 day event held in the NEC birmingham and I belive it is now the 3rd largest event in the world (behind Gencon and Essen)

I went last year for 1 day and was blown away by the size of the event so this year I decided to do all 3 days and joined up with my podcast brother Neil plus Dave, Dave and Josh.


driving up from my home to the NEC took about 2 and a half hours and I was able to park up and get the shuttle bus to the entrance, after a short queue I got my ticket and headed into the first hall

there I was meet by Dave H who brought me over to meet Dave L (the Great Guru Luff) and Neil, after the obligatory hugs and chat they dragged me over to a stand to play a game called Istanbul

Istanbul is a great game and was picked up by a few of us after the game

the rest of the day was a blur of wandering around the 2 halls, meeting people (Hi Paul and Rich) and making a few purchases.

by the end of it I drove to Leicester with the Great Guru and settled down for a few beers


this was much the same as day 1 with games being played, friends being met up with and purchases being made. the one thing I did notice was how the event had improved over the year, the addition of hall 2 allowed space to handle the huge crowds of people who attended and meant that you could still wonder up to a stall and speak to people and play the games.

here’s a few things that caught me eye on the day

after returning to my hotel I managed to get an hour to unwind before being picked up and taken to a damn fine restaurant for one of the best curries I have ever tasted


this was the day I was looking forward to as I had booked a role playing session with that international celebrity ‘Dirk the Dice’, we played the new version of Runequest and it was a blast, I’ll be blogging about the game later on but for now here’s the obligatory photo of the adventuring party before we started

and one of me and the great man afterwards (I cant take a selfie and look at the lens, or show my teeth for some reason)

after that it was lunch and then we had time for a final wander around the show before a long drive home.

The Day After

Looking back on the last 3 days what are the things that come it my mind?

  1. the scale of the event, the event is huge, and too big for a single day, going for 3 days allows you to really see everything
  2. how professionally it was run, there was space to walk around and the staff and helpers were really happy to help out
  3. how friendly it was, this one I can’t stress enough, this was an event where everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves
  4. the diversity of people, again this is really important, I saw people from every demographic at the event, and we all got along because we had something in common, we all enjoyed gaming
  5. what good mates I have, I loved spending time with Neil, and the boys and their friendship is hugely important to me, but I also met up with fans of the show and we all just chatted away like old friends which was really great, so thanks to Luke, Rich, Glyn, Ty, Shaun, Nick, Paul, Frank, Carl and everyone else whose names I might of missed


ok the next post will be my confessional where I show you what I purchased over the 3 days

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