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April 22, 2021

Playing Runequest on Roll20

As you have seen from my last few posts I have been getting back into playing RPG’s and as part of this I have been introduced to a site called Roll20

Roll20 allows players to play online, it has options for showing handouts, it manages character sheets and has dice rolling mechanics built in. whilst it can take a while to get used to it does allow players from across the world to meet up and play a game, which is pretty fantastic

Having only joined Roll20 a week ago I was thrilled to see an introductory game for Runequest Glorantha being advertised so myself and a long time listener to the podcast Shaun signed up for it (it was Shaun who found the game and so we decided to try it out together)

Messages were exchanged with Steve (aka Gryph) the GM for the game and at 8pm on the 22nd June we logged on to try it out. Both myself and Shaun were players in the 80’s but had both drifted away from the hobby and were only now dipping our toes back in the water, I had been lucky enough to play the new Runequest edition at the UK Games Expo but Shaun was brand new to it.

Clearly we would need our hands holding for this one

After sorting out some audio issues Steve gave us a tour of the interface in roll20 and let us pick our characters and then we were off.

The Scenario was a convention demo game called Stealing the Eye and is designed to allow new players to try out the mechanics of the game, I was playing Margarot Ernaldestdaughter a Maran Gor initiate and a Warrior priestess. Joining me was Ormal Light-Fingers an initiate of Eurmal the Trickster, he was a slightly shady character but he had skills that would useful in this mission.

As this is an official Convention Scenario I don’t want to give too much away, so if you don’t want to know about what happens in this scenario, scroll down to the end

Show the Scenario

We had to infiltrate a lunar temple and desecrate it by stealing some holy items including the eye of the Lunar Idol which was a large gemstone.

We arrived at night and the whole complex was quiet so sneaking in we made our way to the inner chamber, on the way we found some alcoves full of Lunar statues that Ormal took into his care, we also noticed the remains of Earth Goddess writings so we believed that this temple had been taken over by the Lunars in the past and turn to their false worship.

Margarot was not happy about this.

Moving in further we entered the focal point of the temple and saw the huge statue of the Lunar god with its red eye staring out. Margarot took a look in some anti chambers whilst Ormal attempted to cast invisibility on himself, the influence of this unholy place meant he was unable to channel the runes so he had to climb up the statue trusting only to his natural stealth to hide him.

Strong magic was in force that night because as soon as Ormal got within a few feet of the gem the statue started to move and Ormal was thrown to the floor.

Seeing this Margarot cast Bladesharp on her trusty battleaxe and prepared for combat, whilst Ormal was busy trying to keep out of reach of the 6 armed statue that was waving around 2 large Scimitars. Twice the statue nearly hit Ormal but he managed to dodge out the way, but on the 3rd attack he fainted the wrong way and took a huge blow to his abdomen, the plucky thief went down with his guts decorating the shrine.

Seeing this Margarot was full of rage and called upon her god to help her before making a huge strike against the Statues head, the gods were listening and the head of the statue was cleaved from its body and everything went quiet

Margarot called once more to the earth goddess to help her and she poured her power into the body of  Ormal and brought his soul back, he breathed once again and his wounds were healed, they collected up the huge eye and made their way out.

As a final act of desecration against this unholy place the pair dragged a large Silver Shrine outside and Ormal left a little present on top of it to show his disgust at the Lunars.


All in all, it was a great introduction to Roll20’s interface but more so to Glorantha a setting I have long missed over the years, my enthusiasm for the game is back and I’m planning more games of Runequest very soon. Huge thanks have to go to Steve for running the game and to Shaun for distracting the Statue allowing me to make the kill shot


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