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April 23, 2021

Runequest in Glorantha – Creating a Character – part 2

in my last post I described the first part of designing a character in the new version of Runequest and now its time for the second part of that process. so far everything has been done by myself but the next section was done buy us all meeting up on Roll 20 and rolling some dice.

if you remember the character creation steps, I’ve done the first 3 steps and also decided on a cult I wanted to join (so I get my Runes all right)

Step 4 – Characteristics

there are 7 Characteristics in Runequest, each has a value between 3 and 18 (at the start) they are

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Size
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Power
  • Charisma

most of these are created by rolling 3d6 and adding up the results, except for Size and Intelligence which are 2d6+6, Ralph our GM allowed us to roll and extra d6 for each of these and discard the lowest dice roll to give us a bit of a fighting chance.

Once these basic rolls are made they can be changed depending on your characters place of birth and the runes they are affiliated to and at the end of this process my characteristics are

  • Strength – 15
  • Constitution – 12
  • Size – 15
  • Dexterity – 13
  • Intelligence – 18
  • Power – 12
  • Charisma – 14

all in all that is pretty good the only downside was my power was a bit low but on the whole its a good set of stats.

these stats are used to work out Hit Points, Magic Points and modifiers to some of the basic abilities.

basic abilities are a list of skills each character has worked out as a percentage score the higher the value the more chance you have of succeeding at that ability, so once you’ve worked out your characteristics you can work out the starting point for all of these

Step 5 – Occupation

the occupation of your character dictates the starting point in the game, and choosing an occupation is key to how your character moves through the game, your family history and where you come from can help guide you to make this choice, so seeing that my grandfather and father were both priests I thought that would be a goodly profession.

a Priest, gave me some extra skills (or boosted my abilities) a starting income, some equipment, and most importantly another step on my characters history. once all this was worked out it was time to move to step 6

Step 6 – Cult

characters are assumed to be members  of a Cult and you start off as an initiate, cults are like occupations, joining a cult gives you access to more abilities, training, magic and more ways that your character should act in the game.

I went for Yelmalio (as I decided ages ago) and so I added my extra ability modifiers and made a note of the spells i was allowed to take.

not sure if I’ve mentioned this but Glorantha is magic heavy, everyone has access to magic and it is a vital part of the game.

so my starting charatcer had access to these Rune Spells

Command Cult Spirit (2), Dismiss Magic (1), Divination (1), Extension (1), Find Enemy (1), Heal Wound (1), Multispell (1), Sanctify (1), Soul Sight (1), Spirit Block (1), Warding (1)
Catseye (1), Cloud Clear (1), Command Hawk (2), Sunbright (2)

and these Spirit magic spells

Coordination (2), Farsee (1), Repair (2)

I also had training in the use of a 2 handed spear and shield which is a great combo

Step 7 and 8 Allocate personal Skill bonus and other Info

I’ve pretty much covered this already as both occupation and your cult give you bonuses plus you also get to add 25% to any 4 abilities and 10% another 5.

Then the final thing to do is work out other info like your name, gender, birth date, (mine is Fireday, Truth Week in the Fire Season) family info like clan, your reputation and if you own a family heirloom

and thats it.

with all this in mind I drew up my bio and put it into my sheet

I am Saronil son or Saronid and I hail from the Lands to the East of Beast Valley close to a tributary of the Stream. I come from a line of Yelmalio Light Priests and I myself wish to emulate the great deeds of my forefathers.

My Grandfather Saronna died defending the King and Queen at the Battle of Grizzly Peak and songs of his sacrifice are song to this day, it is the reason for our dedication to the Feathered Horse Queen and Sartar itself.

My father Saronid also died in glory during Starbrows Rebillion when I was a young boy but his sprit lives within my breast.

My own History is driven by the events of the last few years, I went into service of my Lord after the Great Winter war, I have fought for Sartar in Esrolia and in Pennel Ford. I have also seen horrors in the City of Wonder when I aided Harrek the Berserk and I am eternally cursed by the lost souls who haunt that place. I have recently returned from the Liberation of Pavis, where I acclaimed Argrath as King of Pavis and also became an initiate of Yelmalio, I hope to follow my fathers and grandfathers path and spread the blessed light of Yelmalio in all the places of darkness

oh there is one more thing to do and thats work out a miniature to use in the game, and luckily I have an old Yelmalio adventurer from the old Runequest boxset that came out in the early 80’s

I think it works just right


2 Responses “Runequest in Glorantha – Creating a Character – part 2”

  1. Avatar July 8, 2018 at 8:01 am

    Ah, I see you went along with Greg Stafford’s largely ignored “Sartarites have brown skin” thing!

    • MikeH
      July 8, 2018 at 10:05 am

      hi Richard, I wish I could claim to have known that before I painted the figure, truth is I just thought it would look better with a darker skin tone and make the armour stand out more.
      but it’s nice to find out I was following Greg’s writings 🙂

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