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April 22, 2021

Strontium Dog – What’s in the Box

2000 AD was a British comic that was launched way back in 1977 and as an 11-year-old kid it was one I brought with religious devotion until I finished school and got a job. 2000 AD was obviously the home of Judge Dredd but there were other great titles that gave the comic appeal for a young lad growing up in Thatcher’s Britain, one of these was a strip called Strontium Dog.

Strontium Dog was originally in Starlord Comic, but when Starlord was amalgamated into 2000 AD Strontium Dog moved with it (along with Ro-Busters) and the stories continued into the 90’s.

Anyway whilst this little trip down memory lane is interesting for some, it has bugger all to do with gaming, until now….

Last year Warlord games purchased the license to produce tabletop games from Rebellion (the new owners of 2000 AD) and announced the first game they would be producing would be Strontium Dog.

Well finally this weekend it was released and as I was at the Attack! gaming event I decided to pick it up.

So yes dear reader that means its time for one of my infrequent open box blog posts.

But first its time for some more history

The premise of the story is that most of humanity has been wiped out in nuclear war and due it all the fallout a large number of mutated children were born, these children were subjected to racism and the governments of earth locked them up in large ghetto cities. The only work these mutants could get was menial/slave labour or work as a Bounty Hunter or a Search and Destroy agent. These agents became known as Strontium Dogs due to the radioactive element that caused the mutations.

The Stories were pretty dark in nature and sometimes downright odd and the hero of the strip (Johnny Alpha) was a brooding individual with a mysterious past, this gave the writers something to develop as the stories went on.

So what’s in the Box Mike?

Ok enough prevaricating let’s look at the game Warlord have created

The game is a small scale skirmish game where one or 2 SD agents take on gangs of Muties trying to capture them and bring them to justice, warlord have created a starter set which contains everything you need to play. This includes

  • 112 page rulebook
  • A scenario book
  • 8 miniatures
  • 2 sets of tokens
  • 36 game cards
  • 6 character cards
  • 8 special six sided dice
  • And some MDF terrain

Here’s some pictures of the components

I mentioned there are 8 figures included in the starter set and these include

  • Johnny Alpha with Wulf Sternhammer and Gronk (an Alien who adds some comic effect and occasionally helps out)
  • Max Bubba and his gang. Max Bubba was a mutant who appeared in a few storylines before Johnny got the better of him

When I heard that Warlord were doing this game I thought that the game would only be a success if they remained faithful to the comics and that meant they would need some pretty impressive sculpting. You see the thing and SD is the art work of Carlos Ezquerra was really innovative and the Mutants were the real stars of the show, they were just bizarre but had a certain comic book look about that jumped out at you.

Well luckily Warlord have nailed it and the 8 figures in the box are just perfect in my view, here’s a few pictures them straight out of the box.

My next post will cover the rules in some detail, but when I spoke to Warlord at Attack! The elevator pitch was this

  • It uses random figure activation by drawing chits out of a bag
  • Figures get a number of actions per turn to move, shoot etc
  • Players can use special Chicanery cards to mess up an opponent’s plan
  • It’s quick, fun to play and captures the feel of the comics

Hopefully the last one of these is true, but as the game is written by Gav Thorpe and Andy Chambers I have a good feeling they might have pulled it off

Check in next time when I look at the rules

If you want the starter set it’s available from Warlord at £50



2 Responses “Strontium Dog – What’s in the Box”

  1. Avatar
    July 22, 2018 at 7:46 pm


    Can you also compare the Warlord figures to the Foundry ones in terms of scale and quality. That’ll help ‘some’ people decide whether to get just the rulebook.



    • MikeH
      July 23, 2018 at 8:16 am

      hi Shaun
      sure thing mate I have the foundry Johnny Alpha here so will do a comparison pic.
      however I can tell you the Foundry ones are huge compared to the warlord ones which are 28mm

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