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April 22, 2021

A Tale of Two Titanicus

A long time ago I brought a game called Adeptus Titanicus it was the 2nd wargame I ever brought. I picked it up because I had just started playing Space Marine 1st ed and was interested in seeing what came before (ok AT had only been out for a few years but as a new wargamer I was interested enough to pick it up)

anyway I played it a few times but I was more interested in Epic and the Titans were useful for that game.

AT gathered dust untill a few years ago a rumour started that GW were going to release a new version of the game and I got my old rose tinted glasses out of the drawer and took another look at the old game. What struck me reading the rules after nearly 30 years was how interesting they were, they were linked to the newly released Rogue Trader game but were set 10,000 years in the past during the Horus Heresy. Back when the game came out I don’t remember ever hearing of the Heresy but there it was in black and white, and its amazing to see how far the back story has evolved over the years.

back to the point of this post.

I read the old rules and thought it would be fun to get a game in but obviously that didn’t happen and I just waited for more news of the new version.

news arrived in bits and bobs and the first thing we learnt was it was going to be a different scale to the original, but that wasn’t a surprise, what we didn’t hear about was the rules and I just keep hoping they would at least try to capture some of the feel of the old game.

well finally the new game has arrived and its a bit of a whopper, so I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of the 2 games and see how they stack up against one another

1) the Boxes

well size wise they are the same, except the new one is deeper and a lot heavier. the art work has moved on from the gaudy 80’s style to today’s more dark and foreboding artwork

2) the Rules

the old one has a paper back rules book with holes so you can put the book into a file, where as the new book is hard backed and shiney. the page count for the old one is 58 pages compared to 98 for the new one.

3) the Components

more similarities here with each game having clear plastic measuring rules and data card’s for the titans, however the new game introduces a better way to show the weapon setup on each titan and also has event cards  that can be played during the game

4) Terrain

Both sets come with terrain, in the old game we had Polystyrene style buildings in the new version its all about the plastics, with 8  sprues of buildings

5) The Playing Pieces

the old game came with 6 of the classic Warlord Titan models with a load of weapon choices ( there is a picture of whats left of mine above) over the years I have lost most of my titans but I do have one left so here it is to give you an idea

to be honest I can’t remember painting this so it might be a model I picked up on a B&B in the dim and distant past

the new game comes with 2 Warlord Titans (with specific weapons) and 6 Knights, which ironically enough are probably the same size as the old warlords

6) the Price

when AT first came out it was priced between £25 and £30 hee in the UK which in today’s prices is about £50, the new Grand Master version of the new game is £175, which is a pretty big price hike. but when you look at the sheer amount of stuff in the new game the price becomes understandable but its still a lot to ask.

To Sum Up

well looking at the games together its easy to see some similarities in the components, obviously the newer games is of a higher standard production wise but when you compare the 2 they feel similar and that gives me a nice warm glow

but what about the rules I hear you cry?

lets go over those in the next article shall we and see if the new game is worthy of the name

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3 Responses “A Tale of Two Titanicus”

  1. Avatar August 20, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Spent a few minutes last night unpacking the game and having a look at the components. The better half goes back to Uni today so the rest of the week will contain lots of AT, I think.
    One of the lads from back when who shares the Epic nostalgia works in the same office as me, I shall be dragging him into this ASAP.

  2. Avatar August 20, 2018 at 10:06 am

    being a neophyte to 30k, could you tell me what is the scale of the miniatures in the newly released box.


    • MikeH
      August 20, 2018 at 2:56 pm

      Hi John

      apparently its 8mm, buts fairly hard to tell from the size of the Titans as they are just huge 🙂

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