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April 22, 2021

Happiness is Dragonnewt Shaped – A Runequest Game Report

Recently I’ve been getting back into Roleplaying and have picked up the new Runequest Glorantha rules, well finally we got a gang together and using Roll20 a site that allows rpg’s to be played on line we met up and played through a short scenario. so I present to you a short battle report of our first game courtesy of my good mate Steve Bond who has been elevated to official scribe of the party

Our first adventure involving three players and Ralph our Gloranthan GM is called ‘Happiness is Dragonnewt shaped’ and is taken from the magazine Hearts in Glorantha. It is the 1st time we have adventured using the excellent Roll20 system. Our party is currently made up of Andrin, a healer of Chalana Arroy, Kazmar a scribe of Llankor Mhy and Saronil an adventurer and proclaimant of Yelmalio. The characters have been created using the new Runequest, Roleplaying in Glorantha ruleset.

Our adventure begins in the settlement of Arnstown where recently misfortune has befallen the area following the desecration of a local religious site of value and sanctity to Dragonewts by local bandits, which appears to have adversely affected the natural area surrounding. The adventurers are tasked to punish the bandits providing evidence and escorting a local priest back to the site in order that it be healed. They set off to inspect the site for themselves to discover evidence and glean information of the task at hand. Using sorcery Kazmar was able to review the incident at the site and recalled that a sacrifice had taken place involving a priestess, a troll and a group of bandits, sacrificing a dragon newt to the lunar goddess Jakaleel. Armed with this information our group set off towards the remnants of an old hill fort where a group of bandits have been tracked and spotted.

After travelling north the adventurers chose to cross a local river at Salor’s ford a traditional crossing site that had been used for years and which had ruins at its entrance. The group crossed the ford only to be faced by a frightening and hideous reception, three Broo who approached immediately. Given the martial limitations of the group the Broo provided a formidable foe, who wasted no time in launching javelins towards the trio. It quickly became apparent that this was a baptism of fire riddled with hesitation, indecision and mistakes. The Broo were led by Three horns and flanked by Yellow fur and One Eye. The first javelin sailed aimlessly past whereas the second fumbled and resulted in injuring One Eye in the leg. Andrin in an initial rush of blood retrieved the Broo javelin and threw it back. Normally a man sworn to peace, the exception is chaos, a fact that quickly became apparent. Kazmar loosed a slingshot before drawing a broadsword and Saronil responded with javelins before facing off against three horns. Initial attacks caused glancing blows until the scribe damaged yellow fur in the arm followed by a critical hit by Andril which speared the first Broo. As Saronil and three horns traded attempts the scribe and the healer further damaged the one eyed Broo before Saronil finally inflicted damage of note to three horns before chasing the two wounded Broo off.  Success had been achieved with thankfully no injuries of note or dreaded diseases caught.

Flushed by success and full of adrenalin the group ventured towards the hill further into a wooded area and travelled for a few hours until a sound of distress in the wilderness caught their attention. They moved cautiously to a clearing to spot a wounded Wyvern, injured by arrows and sitting awkwardly. As drawn by the calling of his cult Andrin approached the injured Wyvern who was at first suspicious of the healer, who also had to try to overcome a fear of dragons. Thankfully following a critical loyalty throw to his cult, Andrin aided by the soothing singing of Kazmar successfully healed the Wyvern (after taking a nip) and the creature flew off leaving behind the dead corpse of a Dara Happen merchant whose possessions were duly appropriated by the group.

At the end of the days travel the group discovered a site of conflict between what appeared to be local inhabitants and bandits who were similar in appearance to those seen in Kazmar’s vision at Kos grove. The group have camped within a safe distance of the ruins of the hill fort and plan await light to continue their journey.

So what happens next I hear you all cry? will our gang of adventurers manage to face down the bandit leaders, will we be able to escort the Dragonnewt priest to the shrine, will that bloody Wyvern come back and help us after we healed it at great personal risk?

all this and more will ne answered in the next exciting episode of  ‘Happiness is Dragonnewt shaped’

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